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A Clear Call: UCA Mission & Evangelism Conference

A Clear Call is a national conference for the Uniting Church to have opportunity to engage in how we share our faith contextually where we each live, love and have our being. Our hope is that it will engage heart, mind and practical applications of sharing the great love of God that was first extended to us.

It is for everyone who would like to share their faith and would benefit from conversation, information and practical examples. It is for all people: lay people, ordained, teams, young adults, all cultures and the full spectrum of theology of the Uniting Church.

It will be be fun, deep, thoughtful, energetic, thought provoking and practical. It will approach faith-sharing from every angle.

This will be an excellent conference for anybody interested in exploring mission and evangelism.  it’s in Adelaide 28-30 March 2014. Head over to the website for more information and to register, or to the event facebook page to interact with others thinking of attending.

Does Leadership Matter?

“Does Leadership Matter? A Retreat exploring power, change and innovation in Christian communities”

Trinity Theological College are offering a 3 day intensive leadership retreat in Townsville in March, 2014.

  • “Does Leadership Matter?” A retreat exploring power, change, and innovation in Christian communities.
  • Date: 20-22 March
  • Location: Townsville – at the Yalga-binbi Institute.
  • Presenters: Dr Aaron Ghiloni & Mr Scott Guyatt
  • Who for?: Ministers (continuing education), lay leaders, congregation members interested in exploring the leadership topic

The content of the course includes exploration of leadership models, theology of leadership, contemporary leadership context in the church and a range of workshops to bring a practical edge and valuable take-home ideas and information.

If the full three day retreat is not suitable, the final day (Saturday 22nd) will function as a stand-alone leadership seminar to enable additional participants to join in for the third day only.  We’ll finish by 5pm Saturday to enable travel home for Sunday worship, or heading out to watch the Cowboys play on Saturday night.

Please lodge expression of interest, or enquiries for more information with Alice at the College office on 07 3377 9958 or email ttc@ucaqld.com.au


UCA Queensland – Christmas/Advent Videos

The Uniting Church Queensland Synod has just released a set of 2013 Christmas/Advent videos containing short reflections on Christmas. The set (currently containing five videos) are now all available to watch on YouTube and download from the Synod website. Here’s an example from the set:



Stetzer on “Going Missional”

Ed Stetzer spoke yesterday at the Transformational Leadership event hosted by Newlife Uniting Church. Along with a whole lot of interesting input around leadership and becoming churches in which transformation happens, Ed walked through the ways in which a church needs to change to become revitalised, to “go missional”.

Here’s some of his outline based on the notes I took (the good stuff from Ed, the errors in translation from me!) in this particular session:

Continue reading

What is mission engagement?

TOTW FootprintIn progressing toward a mission engagement framework within the Uniting Church Synod of Queensland, we’re working on language and definitions. A good starting point seems to be to wonder…what is mission engagement?  Here’s a draft response to that question. Your comments, questions and suggestions welcome.

What is mission engagement?

When we talk about mission, use a descriptor like ‘missional’ or talk about mission engagement in the Uniting Church Queensland Synod, there is an important starting point for our conversation.

The Missio Dei.

The phrase Missio Dei translates literally as the mission of God (from the Latin mittere (to send) and dei (God)).  Locked up in these words are the keys to understanding mission, to describing a theology of mission (or missiology), and to our action in mission engagement. Continue reading

Andrew Dutney ponders World Mission

UCA President Andrew Dutney has been in Scotland for the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. The experience has him thinking about the place and practice of world mission today.

So “world mission” essentially means recognising that God is engaged in a mission of reconciliation and renewal throughout the whole world, discerning that activity of the Spirit in the bit of the world to which we have access, and joining in.

Read Andrew’s full reflection here.

Synod 2013 Presentation – Introducing the Mission Engagement Project

(Text and presentation from Uniting Church Queensland Synod meeting in May 2013 introducing the Mission Engagement Project).

Good evening Moderator, members of Synod.

My name is Scott Guyatt, recently appointed Project Officer, Mission Engagement within the Synod office.

I’d like to take a few minutes this morning to introduce my project to you, share a little of what I’ve been up to so far, and perhaps outline a couple of ways in which I hope we might be able to work together.

The Mission Engagement project has developed under the Together on the way, enriching community process, and is particularly intended to help resource our work in terms of developing sustainable mission oriented organisation. Continue reading

Mission Intro Session

This week we had the opportunity to share with a a Pilgrim Learning Community class on the topic of mission. It was an introductory session briefly covering some of the development of missiology, and in particular where we find ourselves in our thinking and action on mission in the last 20 years or so.  Pilgrim offer the class as part of their course “Talking Faith: An Introduction to theology in the Uniting Church in Australia”.

Background text is Daniel Migliori’s Faith Seeking Understanding, and I also drew on David Bosch Transforming Mission together with a range of UCA documents for more.

The basic framework we used is to point to three questions of mission:

  • Who is God?
  • What is God up to in our world (and our neighbourhood?)?
  • How can we join in?

Here’s the prezi we used to help navigate around the topic:

Thanks to Pilgrim and the class for their gracious welcome.

Towards a Mission Engagement Framework (Presbytery Presentations)

I’ve had the very enjoyable opportunity in recent weeks to visit most Queensland Presbyteries of the Uniting Church to meet members of Presbytery, and introduce the Synod of Queensland’s Mission Engagement Project.

It’s early days, but as we explore ways of encouraging the church into a more open and effective mission engagement, there are a few key themes emerging from conversations across the state. Here’s a look at what I’m hearing:

(You can find the original of this “Prezi” presentation here.)

And you can continue on for the rough notes that I speak to, along with the presentation: Continue reading

Re-activating Seeds of Hope

Things have been pretty quite around Seeds of Hope over the past few years.  That’s about to change.

The Uniting Church Synod of Queensland is well into it’s Together on the Way, Enriching Community planning and vision journey. As part of that journey a new project exploring mission engagement frameworks has begun.

Stories, resources, ideas and opportunities connected with church planting, fresh expressions and approaches to mission engagement that emerge from that project will find a home here at Seeds of Hope.

We hope you’ll join us as we reflect, learn and dream together.