Next Church Now

Next Church Now Book CoverNextChurch.Now by Craig Kennet Miller, United Methodist Church, USA, suggests that the primary evangelistic strategy for the 21st century will be to establish new faith communities – both in existing congregations and in new ones. Using the experience of the New Testament church at Ephesus as a guide, Miller challenges churches at the edge of the new millennium to rekindle a passion to minister with constantly changing groups of people in their community. Miller helps readers consider intimacy levels in group settings, developing a disicpleship system, developing a core team with core values and shared mission focus.

An appendix includes tips for leaders and reproducible tools that can help congregations create healthy, vital faith communities. “NextChurch.Now” concludes with a reflection on how to measure the success of a new faith community, reminding readers that the key to success is keeping the community focused on Christ’s call to ministry. (2000). The book is available from the MediaCom or directly from Discipleship Resources in the USA, and comes with recently updated material and a  CD Rom of resources.

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