Faith & Mission Stories

Faith Stories and Mission Stories are two DVD based resources prepared by the Uniting Church Synod of Queensland.

Both resources take the form of a number of short films depicting stories from congregations and faith communities addressing the challenge of sharing faith stories, and growing mission.

Each DVD has an accompanying discussion guide designed for use in small groups.

Faith Stories

faith-storiesFaith Stories is a short group-based course aiming to equip and encourage Christians to grow and share their faith. The course consists of eight sessions, each lasting between about 1.5 to 2 hours. Throughout this journey you’ll watch some stories, share experiences, study the Bible, pray together and discuss ideas. Between each session there are set homework assignments where you’ll get a chance to read and put your learning and discoveries into practice. Session titles are:

  1. An Introduction to Faith Stories
  2. Why Share Faith?
  3. Relationship – The Key to Faith Sharing
  4. Relationship Skills – Listening & Dialogue
  5. Identifying the Divine Clues
  6. Connecting Stories with Friends
  7. Coaching for Faith Response
  8. Discipleship in Community

Faith Stories course goals are:

  • To encourage, motivate and equip Christians to be proactive in communicating their faith in Jesus with their non-Christian friends.
  • To inspire Christians to grow their relationships with non-believers in their relational networks.
  • To motivate and equip Chritians to develop personal lifestyles and practices that facilitates authentic evangelism.
  • To develop communities of support and empowerment for relational evangelism.

Download the study guide here: Faith Stories Studies Small

The Faith Stories DVD’s are currently available from mediacom.  Here’s the Faith Stories intro/promo:

Mission Stories

mission-storiesMission Stories is a discernment resource designed to help church leaders discover more about  their God-given calling to local mission. The course consists of six sessions, each lasting  between about 1½ and 2 hours. Throughout the journey you’ll watch some inspiring stories,  share your own experiences, study the Bible, pray together and discuss ideas. Between each session you are encouraged to research and record information relating to your own local setting, as well as put your learning and discoveries into practice. The titles of the different sessions are:

  1. Mission in Context
  2. Gospel People
  3. Relational Disciples
  4. Partnering with God’s People
  5. Who are your peoples?
  6. Mission Together

Mission Stories course goals are:

  • To encourage Christian leaders to reflect on God’s mission in the world.
  • To inspire Christian leaders to explore the potential of the local church, in its various forms, for to embody the Christian gospel.
  • To equip Christians in discipleship in the context of everyday relationships.
  • To build partnership between congregations, agencies of the church, local community stakeholders and people who have become alienated from the institutional church.
  • To encourage cross cultural engagement in mission.
  • To affirm the holistic nature of mission as carried out by many expressions of the church.

Download the study guide here: Mission Studies

Here’s the intro/promo video:


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