Church Planting by Colonization

A sending church commissions one or two couples to go and live in a new area some distance away. This could involve moving home and perhaps starting in new employment. This model is most likely to work effectively in new housing areas.

The team would need to have a lifestyle that allows plenty of time for connecting with local people. Team members would need to have the capacity for self-starting leadership in which sustainable patterns of discipleship are expressed.

This model makes it possible to start in an area where there are no  local church able to plant. A sending church with an excess of local leadership can use and develop leadership skills. A sending church can become actively involved in missionary situation in the same country.

This model requires particular gifts and high commitment. There’s a high risk of burnout, particularly if quick results are expected. Starting with a small team means planning for a long term venture in which rapid results are rare.  If the small team are to be freed to put time into the venture there’s a high cost of financial support. Supervision and support may be difficult at a distance.

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