Church Planting By Adoption

A denomination or congregation connects with an existing group for a restart. There are a number of ways this may happen.

An existing group invites a larger congregation to help restart by injecting vision, resources and leadership, and perhaps people and finances.

A congregation may enter into a symbiotic relationship with another group who have the capacity to reach a particular people group. For example, a traditional Sunday morning congregation could invite a Pentecostal team to plant an evening youth-focused congregation.

A congregation or denomination could invite an existing group to ‘sign up’. In some cases this group may be growing well but needs a resourcing partner and/or network.


An existing group may have existing access to a network of relationships and entry points into local community.

The effective combination of resources and local knowledge

Fresh input from a wider leadership team can help a local group get over earlier problems.


A local group may have struggled to grow because of dysfunctional attitudes in the leadership and membership. These need to be explored as they’re uncovered.
The local group and new sponsor/partner need to ensure that vision and values are compatible – not necessarily identical.

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