Church Planter’s Toolkit

Church Planter's Toolkit CoverThe Church Planter’s Toolkit by Robert Logan and Steven Ogne, CRM USA. This is a series of 12 cassette tapes or CDs with notes for reflection and coaching, available from Direction Ministry Resources. Or even better, contact Duncan Macleod to borrow a set.

The contents cover

  1. Perspectives on church planting
  2. Verifying roles and mobilising your team
  3. Clarifying your church planting vision
  4. Developing your church planting strategy
  5. Evangelism and core group formation
  6. Facilities, finances and organisational issues
  7. Getting your ministries ready for birth
  8. Dynamic worship that’s seeker sensitive
  9. Expanding networks of cell groups
  10. Empowering leaders and lay leaders
  11. Lay mobilisation and ministry development
  12. Starting churches that reproduce

2 thoughts on “Church Planter’s Toolkit

  1. Clyde Fowler

    long story short, we’re in a replant in Portland, OR. Before that, we served in Brazil (church planting) for 12 yrs. Used the Toolkit more times than I can remember, taught it in seminary, translated most into Portuguese, etc. I don’t need the tapes, just need a copy of the book in English, left mine in Brazil. Can you help? Thanks,
    In Christ,
    Clyde Fowler

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