A Big Year: discipleship, digitally.

A Big Year is a new digital discipleship resource aimed at helping small groups explore 12 themes of Christian discipleship over a one-year period.

First developed in 2013 by the team from Postcard Radio, it’s now being further expanded in a partnership that includes the Uniting Church, Synod of Queensland under it’s Grow Faith project.

A Big Year introduces a new theme each calendar month with a short video or audio clip to break open the topic – and then invites participants to participate in a series of challenges to try and explore the topic in real life. Small groups are encouraged to maximise the opportunities to support each other and explore the challenges and topics together.

Challenges are based on a ‘chilli’ rating system, with the ‘milder’ challenges rated as “one chilli” and the more extreme going up to three chillis (hot!).  The challenges are also offered in three different areas:

  • Monk: you and God
  • Cheerleader: encouraging and loving your neighbours
  • Activist: making a practical different in the wider world

Here’s an intro from one of the driving forces behind a Big Year, Steve Drinkall:

In 2014 a Big Year adds new depth, with versions designed for families and youth joining the ongoing ‘adult’ version first offered in 2013.

Joining a Big Year is free – just hit the website and follow the links. Grab some friends, form a group and get started. You’ll kick off with a standard first month (exploring Margins and creating space in your life) before then joining the rest of the Big Year community on the normal monthly cycle.

And, for all you mobile junkies out there, head over to the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store (for android) to download the free a Big Year app and receive it all direct to your phone/tablet. And of course there’s a facebook group for sharing your Big Year experiences.

For more information on the UCA Qld Synod participation in a Big Year, contact Mark Cornford.

Look out for a post in the next day or two about how one Qld Uniting Church is using a Big Year in an all-age discipleship group.

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