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Synod 2013 Presentation – Introducing the Mission Engagement Project

(Text and presentation from Uniting Church Queensland Synod meeting in May 2013 introducing the Mission Engagement Project).

Good evening Moderator, members of Synod.

My name is Scott Guyatt, recently appointed Project Officer, Mission Engagement within the Synod office.

I’d like to take a few minutes this morning to introduce my project to you, share a little of what I’ve been up to so far, and perhaps outline a couple of ways in which I hope we might be able to work together.

The Mission Engagement project has developed under the Together on the way, enriching community process, and is particularly intended to help resource our work in terms of developing sustainable mission oriented organisation. Continue reading

Mission Intro Session

This week we had the opportunity to share with a a Pilgrim Learning Community class on the topic of mission. It was an introductory session briefly covering some of the development of missiology, and in particular where we find ourselves in our thinking and action on mission in the last 20 years or so.  Pilgrim offer the class as part of their course “Talking Faith: An Introduction to theology in the Uniting Church in Australia”.

Background text is Daniel Migliori’s Faith Seeking Understanding, and I also drew on David Bosch Transforming Mission together with a range of UCA documents for more.

The basic framework we used is to point to three questions of mission:

  • Who is God?
  • What is God up to in our world (and our neighbourhood?)?
  • How can we join in?

Here’s the prezi we used to help navigate around the topic:

Thanks to Pilgrim and the class for their gracious welcome.

Towards a Mission Engagement Framework (Presbytery Presentations)

I’ve had the very enjoyable opportunity in recent weeks to visit most Queensland Presbyteries of the Uniting Church to meet members of Presbytery, and introduce the Synod of Queensland’s Mission Engagement Project.

It’s early days, but as we explore ways of encouraging the church into a more open and effective mission engagement, there are a few key themes emerging from conversations across the state. Here’s a look at what I’m hearing:

(You can find the original of this “Prezi” presentation here.)

And you can continue on for the rough notes that I speak to, along with the presentation: Continue reading