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Chris Elrod on Church Planting

Chris Elrod, pastor at Compass Point, Lakeland Florida, has been writing honestly about his experiences of church planting over three years with the Southern Baptist Convention. Chris has a background as a comedian and toured the United States during the 1990s. In January he wrote a four part series on his blog talking about the reframing of his leadership of the congregation that began as a Bible study in his lounge in 2004.

After three years Chris realised that he’d become sucked in to the pressure to recreate the coolness of well known ‘hip’ churches, trying to become the next Mark Driscoll or Rob Bell. Attempts to ramp up numbers through guilt messages and high profile community stunts just didn’t work, and in fact backfired. Read his posts to pick up on what he learned about integrity and compassion.

Part 1: I was heading around turn three when all of a sudden it spun out of control

Part 2: The Sound Of Screeching Tires And Crunching Metal

Part 3: Life On Pit Row

Part 4: The Conclusions.

The four part article has also been reproduced at Next-Wave Ezine.