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Forge seminars on Spirituality Discipleship and Sustainability

Forge Queensland is offering two weekends on sustainable models of spirituality and discipleship, over two weekends, 9 – 5 pm on the Friday and Saturday. Previous ‘intensives’ were held over four days, Friday – Saturday, Monday – Tuesday.

This Spirituality Discipleship and Sustainability unit focuses on the specific spirituality issues faced by people involved in pioneering mission to emerging global cultures.

In relation to spirituality, it relates to finding God outside the church and in strange places. Christian spirituality has been so tied to a Christendom mode of church, and as a result of that we have become dualistic in our understanding of God, church and world. Life is divided into sacred and secular, and God is found in one but not the other. This unit seeks to address this issue directly and help the student to re-conceive his/her relationship to God and the world in a more holistic and biblical way.

The nature and essential character of discipleship will also be explored in relation to contemporary cultural situations and alternative religions. The unit will focus particularly on consumerism as a major religious alternative to Christianity today.

Finally, because missional work is difficult, the unit explores the whole concept of sustainability – staying in there for the long haul. Appropriate disciplines and structures for sustainable mission are developed.

Forge Intensive Heading

This unit presents new models of spirituality, consistent and sustainable for mission in a post-modern context.

By the successful completion of this unit, the student should be able to:
• Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of models of sustainable mission in ‘edgy’ missional contexts.
• Demonstrate a well-developed understanding of ways in which prevailing forms of Christian spirituality can move to being more actional and concrete rather than passive and conceptual.
• Display a well-developed ability to describe and analyse the prevailing consumerist model of church and faith in the West and propose new models of discipleship and spirituality.
• Present a critical response, demonstrating well-developed skills in evaluating how churches worldwide are reinterpreting worship in a missional mode, and how this draws on the history of worship.
• Value and critically regard sources of spirituality outside the church and the opportunities that provide for deepening faith.
• Value radical discipleship over consumerism amongst the people of God.

1) Spirituality outside of the church.
2) Sustainability and mission.
3) Leadership and character issues.
4) Mission and the Spirit.
5) Community.
6) Discipleship & growth.
7) Hebraic foundations for a missional spirituality
8) Justice and a spirituality of activism.
9) Discipling “twenty somethings”.

June 15-16
Goodlife Community Centre Sunshine Coast

Session 1 & 2 Dave Andrews – community as the discipling process
Session 3 & 4 Ken Baker on Hebraic foundations for a missional spirituality
Julia Verdouw on sustainability with finances

July 13-14
Bracken Ridge Baptist Church

Stephen Said, Duncan Macleod, David Chatelier will work through issues surrounding spirituality, consumerism and generational leadership.

The cost is $40 per day or 2 days for $60. Students and unemployed – a donation.

Download the registration form here.