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Church Has Left the Building

Mustard Seed Associates are sponsoring “The Church Has Left The Building”, a conference in Seattle in April. The gathering is another event in which Tom and Christine Sine gather together people who are developing innovative, out-of-the-box approaches to missional church.

Conference Goals

  • Inspire and challenge participants to seek first Gods purposes in a world of growing need.
  • Create an environment that enables people to connect with one another and even to create some collaborative new ventures.
  • Enable participants to create new ways to grow God’s mustard seeds in their own lives and communities so they have new ideas to take home.
  • Invite participants to share stories and mustard seeds before they arrive so that we can selectively incorporate them in the conference send us your stories right away so we can share with others how God is using your mustard seed to make a difference
  • The conference is being held at Trinity Methodist Church, Ballard, in Seattle and will feature guests from across USA, Canada, UK and Australia, including:

    Shane ClaiborneThe Simple Way, Philadelphia
    Karen WardChurch of the Apostles, Seattle
    Mark PiersonUrban Seed, Melbourne, AUS
    Mike Morris - Peaceworks, Evangelical Alliance UK
    Tracy Howe & Aaron StrumpelThe Restoration Project
    Gary & Ev Heard - The 8th Day, Melbourne, AUS
    Bryan Burton - John Knox Presbyterian, Seattle
    Dwight Friesen - Mars Hill Graduate School, Seattle
    Tom & Christine Sine - Mustard Seed Associates, Seattle
    Tom Balke - British Columbia, Canada

    Go to the conference blog for updates on the conference and log on Monday, January 16th to chat with Tom Sine as he makes his blogging debut. Tom will be on-line from 1-2 p.m. US/ Pacific Standard Time (8-9 am Australia Daylight Savings; 9-10 p.m. UK) on Monday to talk about the conference.

    Mustard Seed Associates (MSA) provides resources and a network for other committed Christians to anticipate the future, decode the culture, convey the Kingdom of God, and create new ways to be a difference and make a difference. We work to inspire, connect and create in order to fulfill our mission…“Believing God is changing the world through mustard seeds- the seemingly insignificant- MSA seeks to unleash the creative potential of ordinary people to make a difference in their communities and a world of urgent need.”

    Church Planter’s Toolkit

    Church Planter's Toolkit CoverThe Church Planter’s Toolkit by Robert Logan and Steven Ogne, CRM USA. This is a series of 12 cassette tapes or CDs with notes for reflection and coaching, available from Direction Ministry Resources. Or even better, contact Duncan Macleod to borrow a set.

    The contents cover

    1. Perspectives on church planting
    2. Verifying roles and mobilising your team
    3. Clarifying your church planting vision
    4. Developing your church planting strategy
    5. Evangelism and core group formation
    6. Facilities, finances and organisational issues
    7. Getting your ministries ready for birth
    8. Dynamic worship that’s seeker sensitive
    9. Expanding networks of cell groups
    10. Empowering leaders and lay leaders
    11. Lay mobilisation and ministry development
    12. Starting churches that reproduce

    The Shaping of Things to Come

    The Shaping of Things to Come by Alan Hirsch and Michael FrostThe Shaping of Things to Come by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch is an international book on ‘missional church’ written by Australians. Alan and Michael explore what it means to be missional, incarnational and contextualised. They tell good stories about missional initiatives that put these principles into action. In places they take a black and white approach to established and innovative approaches to church. However, they provide a useful prophetic resource for the whole church.

    The book can be bought at a reasonable price from Koorong and Word Bookshops in Queensland.

    Next Church Now

    Next Church Now Book CoverNextChurch.Now by Craig Kennet Miller, United Methodist Church, USA, suggests that the primary evangelistic strategy for the 21st century will be to establish new faith communities – both in existing congregations and in new ones. Using the experience of the New Testament church at Ephesus as a guide, Miller challenges churches at the edge of the new millennium to rekindle a passion to minister with constantly changing groups of people in their community. Miller helps readers consider intimacy levels in group settings, developing a disicpleship system, developing a core team with core values and shared mission focus.

    An appendix includes tips for leaders and reproducible tools that can help congregations create healthy, vital faith communities. “NextChurch.Now” concludes with a reflection on how to measure the success of a new faith community, reminding readers that the key to success is keeping the community focused on Christ’s call to ministry. (2000). The book is available from the MediaCom or directly from Discipleship Resources in the USA, and comes with recently updated material and a  CD Rom of resources.

    Organic Church Planters Greenhouse

    Neil ColeNeil Cole, from the United States, is coming to lead a seminar in Brisbane on ‘organic church planting’.

    An organic church is made up of living things and is very much alive. All organic life is meant to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. The church is no exception. The term’ house church’ is insufficient to describe this new work God is doing. Organic churches are not about a building, whether it has a steeple on the roof or a chimney. Organic churches are simply about relationships with God, the family of God and those who do not yet know God. Organic church planting starts ‘in the dirt’. It begins where the lost are, bringing church to people rather than bringing people to church. When organic church planting is happening, things naturally multiply at every level – from disciples… to leaders; from churches… to movements.

    The seminar with Neil Cole is being sponsored by Church Multiplication Associates Australia (Luke Smith), Forge Missional Training Network QLD (Steve Turner), CoachNet South Pacific (Colin Noyes), and ResourceZone (Graham Hambly).

    The dates:

    Thursday March 30, 1 – 8 pm

    Friday March 31, 9 am – 5 pm

    Saturday April 1, 9 am – 1 pm

    At Springwood Tower Apartment Hotel, 9 Murrajong Rd, Springwood

    Download the registration form here.